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Our Reason for Being


Personal development has come to the surface as a necessary step in self discovery. Often times our most pivotal changes happen when we least expect them. Having the time and space to really understand these changes can often seem like a luxury that most cant afford. While it may seem like an undertaking to discover your authentic self, there is no reason to have to go through the experience alone.

The Serenity space is designed to assist in so many ways, from the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects, along with bio-hacking, food, supplementation and just a quiet space to sort through our individual experiences.

Everyone deserves to have the opportunity to see themselves from a supportive and loving perspective, and by providing the space as well as the proven tools, and processes that have been around for over a millennia we feel we can provide just that.

Every step we undertake is done so consciously, with integrity and compassion for those who will be called to do the work. Our labor and passion are in an effort to create maximum Return On Impact, an exponential and unmeasurable metric that we feel creates ripple effects that can be easily felt and seen. even if it cant be traditionally quantified.

At Serenity Utah, we see the future of self care as enjoyable act of preventative maintenance, not a traditional model of dis-ease, dis-comfort, and reductionary prescriptions. We hope to provide proven repeatable care for those who are willing to bring awareness to themselves, so that the world can get the most authentic version available.


Zaid's Vision

My mission here is simple, to build a repository of knowledge for the next 7 generations, so that they do not have to rediscover them at a time of great conflict, that they may take refuge in the shade of the trees that we consciously choose to plant today.”
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A bit more of the story

Our paths have a funny way of using what seems like detours to tie the whole story together. My experiences and backgrounds are not traditional in any sense. Electron Microscopy and particle physics, a handyman, a firearms designer and competitive shooter, a martial artist and instructor, house flipping, sound healer, pyramid maker, and countless odd hobbies that never seemed to relate to anything else. All these things have come from the same source, my curiosity, I love learning how things work, and how it might be possible to make it any more effective, more enjoyable, or just more cool. It used to just be products or services, then it was deals and business, then it became people and their work on connecting with their emotions. Each type the direction of my passion seemed to change it was coming closer to understanding myself.


Once I landed squarely on how do I work, how do my emotions work? Where are they coming from and how do we really know one from another? This began an undertaking that proved to completely turn my life on its head. Once stripped of all the labels, titles, and accolades, I reexamined all the parts and pieces that I had compartmentalized from the true me. The me that I knew to be there but had no way of knowing how to get to him, let alone learn to communicate what I was experiencing. It was in this time that I learned to surrender to whatever was guiding this experience. This led me to people, places, and moments of such truly life changing revelation that I knew it couldn't be a coincidence that this was unfolding this way, and s quickly.

I learned to connect through temples, through nature, through water, through my food. The people around me became such clear mirrors of the internal energy that I was experiencing. All this in addition to having access to sophisticated bio-hacking equipment like PEMF, Halotherapy, Salt Caves, Red Light therapy, Vibroacoustic therapy. Oxygen and hydrogen saturation, hyperbaric chambers, herbs, spices, and supplements from all over the world. This was in conjunction with more traditional methods including crystal and Tibetan sound bowl therapy, myofascial release methods such as cupping, acupuncture, acupressure, and deep tissue work, Reiki, energy work, as well as intuitive facilitation by beautiful and capable practitioners. 

At this time, the sole passion for me, is to help show people the door of their own self acceptance. In one way or another, once we can find a brief moment of objectivity to our own suffering we are capable of such great compassion and self love. It may look different for everyone, because of the stories we tell and the traumas we've signed up for, but its possible for every single person to have their own healing experience. Providing the environment to facilitate these experiences is where I planned to spend this decade of my life, one way or another, whether 1 on 1, in groups, classes, online, or a purpose built school. I take this time in my life as my golden opportunity, that by dedicating myself to this mission now, I can selfishly provide myself the peaceful existence for myself that I wish for everyone.

And so it is.

~ Zaid Sri Anta

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