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Every aspect of the construction of this space is done consciously, with integrity and purpose for what we hope will be a life changing experience. through these experiences we can see that we are not victims of our stories, our traumas or circumstances. That regardless of what environment we've come from, we can choose to rise above them and view ourselves in a light that allows us to find lasting peace in our own body, mind, and soul.


The Library

 Maktaba is a metaphysical Library for people to experience the holistic effect of Earth materials, including crystals, metals, raw earth (wood and others), elementals, molecules and allotropes, and sacred geometry. Providing the physical specimens for people to expand what is possible through their relationship to their environment. 

We are looking to make these experiences available for everyone, by making the library open to anyone who is is interested in learning about these tools. our goal is to marry our modern approach to the material sciences and the metaphysics of nature and our planet.


Sacred Structures

Pyramid Technologies

Pyramid power and its applications are a tenet of energy work and metaphysical practices. Learning to harness this energy to support plants, animals and humans alike is something we look forward to sharing with everyone who steps foot in our facility. These structures are not just cutting edge technology from a forgotten time, but also beautiful statement pieces that honor the mathematical improbability that life exists an thrives on this planet in the first place.

An understanding of mathematics, physics, metaphysics and its integration with our modern world is something we plan to be an example of. For others to witness and experience the impact of these principals is our mission as we consciously choose the design architecture and aesthetic of our spaces. 

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