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Phase 1 Pyramid (82.6 inches)

Each capstone is a carefully designed and intentionally created orgonite piece that helps generate a strong and palpable field. This allows the practitioner to set a clean and clear container to drop into a deep meditative state more consistently and with greater ease.


The entire pyramid can be assembled without the need for tools and can be broken down and transported by one person. Its adept carrying case keeps the whole kit light and nimble enough for hiking, traveling, and demonstrations. Sitting at 210 cm tall or 82.6" it is tal enough for anyone 6'4" or shorter. The base of the pyramid will need to be proped up to fit anyone taller then that.


With purposefully designed connectors, you can set up your pyramid with confidence and easily move it without the need for disassembly. Once set up, the pyramid's field stays effective, even at a distance, creating a more pleasing and harmonious space and noticeable shift in lightness.


All pyramids maintain the same high quality construction and attention to detail. Every aspect, from the precision cutting of each piece, to the creation of orgonite, is carefully and intentionally assembled, while still using an artistic touch, supporting each special piece in feeling unique.

Sacred Structures Russian Pyramid 210cm

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